Best Betfair Betting Systems

Betfair betting system

As a Betfair user of some 8 years I've thoroughly tested literally hundreds of betting systems to make money on. Sadly, most are written by people I doubt have ever placed a bet inside their lives and the only individuals to make a profit from such betting systems will be the sellers! With careful research, a structured approach and crucially the right betting system strategy it really is possible to make a profit on Betfair.

best betting systems

I started with horse racing laying systems and also to date these are still my major way to obtain betting income. Most of the systems out there are just too simple in their approach and will ultimately not deliver long term profits. Any strategy needs to be proven over time and before investing I look for evidence of a prosperous track record. Systems like Ultimate Lay Betting that we report on in my blog have this type of record.

Racing systems to back winners on Betfair are another good source of income. Again, some real effort and studies required and if something appears too simple I will be very wary. I will be also wary of any Betfair betting product which is full of hype around 'Loopholes,' secret systems and the often quoted 'the one the Bookies that terrifies them!'

Soccer betting will be the other main area I concentrate on and there are some excellent approaches to earn profits here. As with the horses, you will find systems to win at soccer betting for backing and laying. It's always worth letting a new football season settle down before making any bets and that i find the most profitable here we are at soccer betting between October and March.

Betfair trading sometimes appears by many as the ultimate betting system. I have tested many ways of experienceing this ultimate 'greening up' which means you make a profit whatever the outcome of the race, match or game. Personally I don't have the nerve for trading systems and prefer laying horses for additional consistent profits.

New Betfair guides and manuals arrive available on the market every week to meet the needs of the hungry crowd looking for the ultimate betting system. Sadly, the majority are hype and to be ignored. Follow a blog of the independent tester you'll also find a great way of finding a method that can deliver.